Friday, May 28, 2010

When the little things mean the most

Got home tonight, and once again had no ideas of what to make for dinner (this has been a disconcerting pattern that has developed this week).  With nothing short of divine help, I somehow managed to come up with a recipe, had all the ingredients on hand, and was able to play with the kids as I cooked at the stove, all at the  same time.  It seemed like this would be a personal triumph dinner.  But oh, it was so short lived, because as I took my first bite of what was to be a glorious dinner creation I almost had to spit it out.  Too much turmeric in the curry?!  What was that horrible bitter taste?!  I admit I was probably a bit over-invested in the meal, but I wanted to cry.  I was sure I was about to have one sobbing momma, two bears spitting out rice and curry and four hungry tummies to contend with all night long.

And then it happened:

"Mmmmmm, mommy, this tastes sooooo good!"  said G-Bear from across the table.
My jaw dropped.  She had already finished her first bowl.  And she was asking for seconds.
E-Bear was quiet.  He was too busy shoveling his mouth full of rice and curry with his spoon.
I tried a bite again. I still couldn't stand the stuff on my plate.
When I apologized to T for the taste of the dish, G-Bear piped in again:
"No, Mommy, don't worry, this is really good.  Don't worry."

Instead of tears of frustration, my eyes welled up with tears of love.  You know, it is funny how far a little encouragement can go, especially when it is from a three year old. Maybe tonight was a turnabout for all the nights that my kiddos won't eat a bite, no matter how amazing the dinner tastes.  Whatever it was, my kids blessed me and lifted me up tonight--just by eating a dinner I thought was ruined.  

Lord, thanks for teaching me again through G & E-Bear tonight.  Help me too to bless others with the small things that mean a lot.

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