Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sienna Swagger

Are you ready for this?  I love my minivan.

This weekend, we high-tailed it out of town to Rochester, MN, where we stayed with some dear friends and biked the Root River Trail.  Get ready for a great post about the joys of biking the Root River Trail--it was an amazing weekend trip for us.

The weekend was phenomenal for many reasons, but I really need to give credit where credit is due--our Sienna minivan.

Ten months ago, when we were looking to buy a second car, I told T I would never drive a minivan.  My mom drove a minivan.  I was going to drive an SUV, and that was that.

Nine months ago, after an agonizing month of trying out every 7 passenger SUV sold in the US, I became the proud, and I do mean bragging, owner of a used Sienna minivan.

My great friend D recently sent me a link to Toyota's Swagger Wagon commercial.  Have you seen it?  This could be my family.  D has heard my gushing talk about my car so much that she laughed hysterically when she saw this.

(P.S, G-Bear dances just like the little girl in this video)

I could list all the reasons why I love my Sienna over any 7 passenger SUV, but that would take pages.  But this weekend is a great example of why I love it!  Here is the list of everything that was INSIDE our minivan driving down to Rochester this weekend:

*Two adults (blessedly, in front seat captain's chairs)
*Two children  (blessedly, strapped safely in two captain chair-containing carseats, with automatic sliding doors on either side of them and a large aisle in between to provide adequate spacing for those irritable moments)
*Two adult bikes, fully assembled
*One double-wide Chariot stroller, wheels off, otherwise fully assembled
*One Chariot stroller bike attachment, bike flags, and pair of extra stroller wheels
*Bike pump
*Four helmets
*Four travel bags (one per person for the weekend, please, but they ride for free in the Sienna)
*One cooler with cold food
*One bag with dry food and snacks
*Assorted toys, blankies, dolls

Wow, are you starting to get the idea of this car's awesomeness?!  What a lifesaver!  Plus the mpg on the highway is precious and we paid sooo much less for it than we would have for an SUV of the same year and milage.

Guess there was something in the koolaid and I drank it.  I love that car.


Jennifer said...

I cannot WAIT to tell Matt that T is the proud owner of a minivan!! I am still driving my same car and I am SO ready for a swagger wagon-just haven't convinced Matt yet. Maybe this will do the trick. :)

B-Mama said...

I know I'm chiming in late on this post, but I will say that I CAN'T WAIT to have the Sienna Swagger! I will strut it with great pride once we're there. Until then, we're waiting for our 1998 Pontiac Transport minivan to die. Cheers to life without a car payment, but I will say, the Sienna will be worth every penny! Glad to hear you like yours so much!! :)

Queen B said...

Lovin' to spread the swagger love. Thanks you guys!