Sunday, May 30, 2010

Overheard in the house this week 6...

5.  "Oh, the pool looks so nice....and no alligators!"  ~G-Bear, visiting the pool in Great Grandma's condo building.

4.  "Gabi lami glabie bi enami dapee mabi mama mamo bapi papi" ~E-Bear, certain that if he if annunciates more sounds more rapidly he is communicating more effectively.  Any day now we are going to know what he is talking about ;)

3.  "Daddy, don't go too fast."  ~G-Bear, in the Chariot carrier, telling T to take it easy on the bike :)

2.  "Ducky!  Pttt, Pttt. Ducky! ptt, ptt."  ~ E-Bear, delighted with his light up duck bath toy and giving it kisses every time it started to blink.

1.  "Papa, here's your present!  It's an iPod!"  ~G-Bear, carrying in our big present for Papa.  She had told me all day that "it is a seeekwet, mommy," but upon seeing Papa with the present, she was so excited she couldn't stand it.  Just had to tell him.  She's just like her mom.  ( wasn't an iPod, but she was close :)

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