Saturday, May 8, 2010

Overheard in the house this week 5...

10. "Stretch and yaaaaawwwn.  MoMo, do you know that song? That's what the Wiggles sing."  ~G-Bear, sharing her broad musical knowledge with Grandmo.

9.  "Wook daddy, The Apple!" (G-Bear, at the mall, seeing the Apple Store)
T, obviously pleased: "That's right!  Do you know what is in there?"
G-Bear: "Phones!  Can we go play with them?"  (Is she a girl after her dad's own heart or what?!!)

8.  "Yes!"  ~Ethan, amazing us all that he didn't say 'no'.

7.  "Hooray, hooray!  Hooray for Daddy the hero!  He fixed the garage, hooray!"  ~G-Bear, delighted that the garage door actually went ALL the way UP, allowing us to park the car inside for the first time in a month.   T is my hero too, because he fixed it.

6.  "Abbeeee, melmo.....abbeeee, melmo..."  ~E-Bear, looking through my bag for his Elmo toy and G-Bear's Abby Cadabby toy.

5.  T, enjoying his biscuits at dinner: "Some days I'd give anything for a Cracker Barrel..."
G-Bear:  "I'm not a cracker-girl, I'm a CHIP girl!"

4.  "D-K-S-J-B-R.  There, that spells Daddy!" ~G-Bear, future spelling bee runner-up.

3.  "'M.'  M is for you, Mommy."
"'E.'  E is for Ethan, Mommy."
"'B.'  B is for Betsy."
"'F.'  F is for Firetruck!" ~G-Bear's spontaneous comments this week.   She's not giving up on this spelling thing.  I am secretly bursting with pride when she gets these right.

2.  G-Bear:  "But mommy, I want mooooore Miwalax (Miralax) in my drink!"

1.  "I am quite sure that there is nothing better than walking around the living room with pants off, sipping juice and riding a firetruck."  ~Our friend V, admiring E-Bear's approach to life.

Happily Ever,
Queen B

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