Saturday, May 1, 2010

Questions, Questions

On our drive home from dropping Nana at the airport, which comment from the backseat should I answer first?

G-Bear:  "Mommy, I am thirsty."
"Can you woll down my window?"

E-Bear: "Moooooowr? Coogie?  Moooooowr?"

G-Bear: "Can I have more cookie too?"

E-Bear: "Dooowwwwwn!  Dowwwwwwn!?"

G-Bear: "Can you get my dinosaur?"
"Can you woll down my window?"
"Where are we going?"
"Cookie, Please?"

E-Bear: "Moooooowwr?"

G-Bear: "Where are we going?"
"Can you woll down my window NOW!?"

E-Bear: "Baa?  Baaaaaaaa?  Maaaaa!?"

It would help if I could understand all of the questions.  Is it wrong that I was wishing for a pair of earphones?

Happily Ever,
Queen B

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