Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Park Outing

Today was a sunny, fun day of outings, beginning with a walk to meet my dear friend V, who just moved back to town from the Big Apple.   I love following V's blog, Breakfast and Bed, for food tips and restaurant reviews, even more so now that she will be back in my city.

We treated ourselves to lattes from Caribou (the kids were treated to Fruitloops as a stroller snack) and headed to a nearby park for some fun with E&G-Bear.  "Miss V" graciously pushed G-Bear on the swing for half an hour straight, while E-Bear toddled around in the sand, digging and exploring.

"Wook, Mommy," said G-Bear delighted, "Nana taught me how to wet go wiff my hands wike this and swing!" She spread her arms out wide like a bird, letting go of the chains of the swing.  Pure joy, I tell you.

Thanks, Miss V, for such a fun day.  

Happily Ever,
Queen B

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Veronica said...

I loved it!! Thanks so much for including me. And thanks again for treating me to Caribou! I'm still jealous that E-bear gets to ride around the living room, pants-optional, on his fire truck. What a great life when you're a tot!