Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Rare Superwoman Day

Felt like a superwomen today...especially for a Monday!

2 kids were dressed, diaper changed and fed breakfast before 10am
Oil changed in T's car
Car washed
Checks deposited
Kids savings accounts opened x 2
16 shirts and 2 pairs of pants (all T's!) dropped off at the dry cleaners
Lunch with GrandMo
Dropped off a pizza for Uncle C, who missed lunch while slaving away at work
Dropped GrandMo back off at home
Grocery Store Stop
Target return 
Pharmacy pick-up

.....All before nap time!!
Then still managed to roast a chicken for dinner (with rosemary, oranges and carrots...mmmm), bathe the kids and get them back in bed by 8pm.   Excuse me????

What in the world got into me today?! How can I harness this supernatural power again?!

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A said...

Not only did the "Nana Joan" element skip me, it seems to have gone through the in-law link to you! Congrats, Super Mom!!