Monday, May 24, 2010

Holy Spirit Celebration!

Happy Pentecost.  Today marks the end of the Easter Season with the celebration of the Holy Spirit's descent after Jesus ascended into Heaven.  Try explaining THAT to a three-year-old!  I tried talking to G-Bear about  "celebrating the Holy Spirit at church on Sunday" a bunch of times this week, but I got a lot of funny looks.

The Veni Creator
"Come, Spirit Creator,
come live in our minds 
and fill our hearts which you have made
with perfect grace.

We know you as the Paraclete,
the gift of God most high,
our Fire, our Love, the Living Fountain,
and Holy Anointing of our lives.

With seven gifts you act 
as the finger of the Father's right hand
you are His promised One,
teaching us heavenly speech and understanding.

Kindle us with fire brought from above,
pour love into our heart,
and give strength to our weakness.

Drive Satan far away from us, 
and give us lasting peace
so that, led by your guidance,
no harm will come to us.

Let us know the Father through you.
Let us know the Son through you.
Let us believe forever that you are
the Spirit proceeding from the Father and the Son.

Glory to the Father,
and glory to His Son, who rose from death,
and glory to you, kind Strengthener,
forever and ever.

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