Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Summer of the Bike...

I have some proud-parent moments to share.  Last weekend, G-Bear started pedaling her tricycle and steering on her own for the first time.  Yes, she was going down a large hill when she did it.  But today she was doing it in our driveway.  Call me a sap.  I was bursting with pride.  Nevermind that according to pediatric gross motor milestones she is late in doing this.  Details, details.  Did I mention she pedaled on her own?!

Here are some pictures from our bike & playtime last weekend.  G-Bear had the bike, E-Bear had the fire engine (yes, it is the same Ficher Price one I used as a child).  T would carry him up the hill in the fire engine, set him down, and then let him roll down the hill.

The only thing more hysterical than the smile on his face as he flew down the hill was the screaming and tears that ensued the instant the truck rolled to a halt at the bottom of the hill.  Poor E-Bear, already frustrated by physics and he's only 17 months old.

One last detail....just as G-Bear is developing her biking proficiency, E-Bear has fallen in love with her tricycle.  I mean, head-over-heels.  It is now to the point that whenever we open the garage door he walks over the the tricycle in the corner and tries to get on it.  Then he looks up at me with his big brown eyes and says, "duck, sduck,  MOMMY! sduuuuuuuck" begging me to get it un-stuck from its corner in the garage.  Today I literally had to pry his little fingers off of the handlebar as we went out for a walk with T.  Broke my heart.  If his first love is green blankie, then the tricycle is a close second.  So, do I buy G-Bear a new bike, get E-Bear his own or just make them share all summer?

Like I said, the summer of the bike.....

Did I mention we are going for a bike ride this weekend?  The kids will be in the stroller.
Happy riding :)

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Veronica said...

OH MY GOOODNESSS! I love this. A) E-Bears face in that last photo. And B.) I feel like the clock has turned back 26 years and Gabby Grace is YOU and we are trying to conquer that "massive hill" where our bus stop was on Bruce/Sunnyside like we used to. Precious!!