Thursday, October 8, 2015

Three months with Blue Bear

Our Blue Bear is three months old! 

Blue eyes, long hair, big smiles: 
these are three characteristics that everyone notices about our Littlest Bear.  

Blue Bear is not our easiest baby bear.  Many days, he is down right uncomfortable.  
I am thankful for all of the skills I have built up over the years with our other four bears. 
Sleep and peaceful evenings will come later.  For now, thanks be to God for the grace sufficient to enjoy these days with a baby in my arms or in the sling, a foot on the bouncy seat, 
and the precious hours of delicate, interrupted sleep.

If his award-winning smile is any indication, Blue Bear has many joyful days ahead.
I can't remember any of our children smiling so readily, so early in life!
And the ticklish giggle is delicious.

I reflect daily on the blessing that it is to have a healthy baby in our midst.  
Thank you, Lord, for three months with Blue Bear.

Happily Ever,
Queen B