Sunday, May 16, 2010

Finding other moms in medicine

T found a great new blog for me today: Mothers in Medicine. You can also find it on our "Sites We Like" page.

By far one of the hardest things for me to reconcile in my life right now is my medical path with my life as a mother.  Being E-Bear and G-Bear's mom is the most important job I could have ever imagined, and even better, I love it.  So, how do I mix my medical path with my love of being present for every bruised knee, cooking every bite of homemade mac n' cheese, and mitigating every tussle that ensues between my babes?  I know I am not the only medical mom who struggles with questions like this, but for me, because I am ahead of most of my female peers in terms of family life at this stage of the game, I seem to confront this daily issue head on in a way few of my friends do.  So imagine my delight when T sent me this blog today.  I am already enjoying the diversity of opinions as well as the similar sentiments that I have read on the blog.

This coming year will be full of decisions for us regarding the future of my final stage of medical training--what I like to call the "whether's, where's and when's" of residency for me.  I am sure I will enjoy this blog as I am praying about my decisions.  Even more importantly I am asking God for His guidance and peace, knowing that He not only entrusted my precious children to my care but also knows better than I how much work there is to be done in medicine and how many sick and wounded patients around the world are in need of a loving doctor.  Stay tuned...

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