Sunday, May 9, 2010

One Very Special Day...

Today is special for many reasons....its Mother's Day AND each of these aunts in our family is celebrating something extra special today!

1.  Aunt K takes the cake today...she is celebrating Mother's Day, PhD graduation and her birthday, all on the same day!  Hooray and congratulations, three times over!  We miss you, K, and we can't wait to be in NC with you next year!

2.  Aunt KT is celebrating her FIRST mother's day with Uncle T and baby Sparky.  We miss you too, Auntie KT!

3.  Aunt A and Uncle B are celebrating their FIRST wedding anniversary today!  One beautiful year of marriage for these two love birds--another couple whose beautiful example of marriage encourages our life together.

And last but not least.....Happy Mother's Day to all you moms out there, especially GrandMo and Nana! Thank you for inspiring me and encouraging me in endless ways in my life as a wife and mother.

(My favorite Disney Mom & her song.  I sing this to E & G-Bear when I put them to sleep, and this video never fails to make me cry.  Alison Krauss sings an amazing version that you can find here.
Thank God for your Mom today!)

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A said...

This is sob central for me. I don't know how I watched Disney movies when I was little-- all the Moms and Dads that died, kids that got lost, etc. Maybe I was tougher then!!

Thanks for the shout out. We love you guys!