Friday, May 14, 2010

The Princess Stories

G-Bear finished our walk tonight with an impressive sidewalk belly-flop and a scrape on her knee.  One Boo-Boo Bunny and a bandaid later, T had her tucked into bed, ready for her story.  Lately, T has been impressing me and G-Bear with his collection of "Princess Stories," which involve herself and any number of family members who she requests be included.  Usually the princesses requested in the story are all her girl cousins, but tonight a new kingdom of royalty was requested to visit story-land:

T: "G-Bear, who would you like to be in the princess story tonight?"
G-Bear: "Aunt A and Uncle B."
T: "Oh? Ok, Anyone else?"
G-Bear: "No, just Princess A and Prince B."
T: "Ok.  Well, Princess G-Bear invited Princess A and Prince B to her castle for a parade to be thrown in their honor.  When will the parade be held, wondered Prince B and Princess A.  In two weeks, said Princess G-Bear.  Princess A and Prince B said that would be perfect, and they would be able to attend.  So, Princess G-Bear started getting ready for the parade by cleaning her castle from top to bottom....."

Aunt A and Uncle B, you better book your tickets for the parade now....


A said...

We feel loved!!! Happy belated anniversary! Love the pics :)

cp said...

i love this! and both of your blogs! what to do on a rainy night in chi-town? catch up on my lovely friends' lovely blogs.