Thursday, May 20, 2010

Homemade Grilled Flat Bread--A Hit!

We love homemade bread in our house (hooray for bread machines).  This week I found a new favorite bread to make:  Grilled Flat Breads from Fine Cooking Magazine.  My mom had loaned me her latest copy and I just subscribed to their website because I loved it so much!  Plus all of their recipes are online for free.  Awesome.

Here is the link to their recipe for the grilled pita bread. The photo was far more compelling in the magazine, but trust me these turned out to be very impressive.  I used my stand-up mixer, instant yeast and our pancake griddle (because we don't have a grill) and they turned out to be outstanding.  G-Bear loved helping me with the mixer after lunch time, I finished the the rising and rolling part during naptime, and the breads were on and off the griddle in minutes when our guests arrived for dinner.  Fortunately, I got about 16 breads out of the recipe (even though it says it only makes 10), which was good because they were gobbled up by toddlers, T and our guests in no time.  I will definitely make them again.    I haven't tried their recipe for grilled naan yet, but I can't wait to try it too.

Yum.  Invite me over for dinner if you make them :)

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