Tuesday, August 14, 2012

What I'll Miss About NC: T-6 Days Until Moving Day

During our training years in Minnesota, we almost never traveled.  All that changed when we moved to North Carolina last summer.  Suddenly, the world was our oyster, and we had new found freedom and free time to explore it.  Our travels have been many this year and have made for some spectacular memories.  Here are a few of my favorites:

Before our first month was over, we had traveled to Chapel Hill three times to visit the cousins.
It was the beginning of a great year together.
We hightailed it to the Blue Ridge Parkway for a weekend of relaxation away from the heat.
Blowing Rock, NC was our family's first vacation alone together.
The trains at Tweetsie Railroad and the views from Grandfather Mountain stole the show.

The kids started preschool, but that didn't stop us!
We traveled to Chapel Hill for football game days with the cousins.
Our first (but not our last!) working trip brought us to Boston, where we enjoyed a visit with Aunt K, Uncle T and the crew while T attended a conference.  What fun!

October quickly became our month of reunions, each one so sweet. It had been years since we had been able to see many of our dear college friends and roommates, and we soaked up the time to reconnect and refresh together.
We traveled to DC for a mom's Girls' weekend and a wedding.  In her characteristic style of flair, MoMo took the kids on a whirlwind tour of our capital city, and they still talk about it today.
We traveled to Virginia for T's Guys' Weekend as well as family time with the G-Ville crew and best college buddies.
The kids and I finished the month by traveling to MN for Halloween and the beginning of my interview gauntlet.

Let the interviews and holidays begin!
The interview week in Minnesota allowed us to soak up the crisp fall weather and time with Minnesota family and friends.  Papa's pumpkin never looked so good, and MoMo's hospitality reigned supreme.
We celebrated Thanksgiving North Carolina-style in Chapel Hill with the cousins.  T traveled by his lonesome to Disney for the basketball team.  Don't worry, we saved him a plate! :)
I finished off the month by traveling to St. Louis with Buddy Bear for another interview.
We slept on the floor of the Cincinnati airport for most of the night due to flight delays.
I think I learned a lesson or two, but I loved the interview all the same.

The kids and I made our epic drive alone to Alabama for another week of interviews.  We survived!  Thankfully, Nana, Aunt A and Uncle B were there to catch us and save us when we arrived in a fluster.    We saw family and friends in Birmingham, Florence, Huntsville and Tuscaloosa.  What a tour!
From Alabama we drove up to meet all of T's family in Blue Ridge, GA for a family Christmas weekend.  It was our first Christmas gathering all together in over five years, and it was spectacular in so many ways.  We're hoping for many more in the future.
We barely had time to repack before we were off to Minnesota for a Christmas visit!
MoMo & Papa's house was busting at the seams, and that is just how we like it :)

Sure, most travels drop off in the new year, but not for us!
We just couldn't miss 'Bama's Big Game in New Orleans.  We made the pilgrimage to the Big Easy in true Roll Tide style and we all had a blast in the process.
The kids and I hung around Alabama to finish off my interviews.
By the time we got home, we were ready to stay a while :)

Our magical Disney vacation was everything that we had hoped for and more--a true dream come true.  I cried as we left, I had so much fun.  With MoMo, Nana and Papa along, we had the time of our lives.
Just as we got home, T's travel schedule heated up with the basketball team.  
He handled it like a champion.

Could it be that we went a full month without traveling?  As long as you don't count T's cross country jaunts with the basketball team, it was true.  We braved march from the comforts of home.

With spring in the air, we traveled to Alabama for another visit and interview weekend.  Our family of 'Bama fans was quite content to spend the A-Day game  together in Tuscaloosa.

Easter weekend with the cousins in was yet another holiday treat.  

We celebrated our anniversary and Mother's Day early with an impromptu trip to Hilton Head.
What a dream to park the car upon arrival and bike for the rest of the weekend!  The kids still beam when they spy people wearing t-shirts from the Salty Dog Cafe: "Mommy, look, that's the Salty Shirt!"

We traveled to Houston to be with our friends for their daughter Annie's birth.  It was a time of sadness, strength, love and hope.
We headed north for a Rockport reunion with MoMo, Papa, Aunt K, Uncle T & the cousins.  What food!  What fun!  What fellowship together!
Back to Alabama, this time to Florence, we made time for fun at Nana's house with the cousins.  We got out the race car, splashed at the splashpad, rode the boat on the river and soaked up all things Florence. 
Back to Minnesota for a big interview weekend, we made the most of the pool, time with baseball buddies, and gathered info to make a decision for the coming year.  

We travled to G-Ville for another rocketing rendezvous!
We took in the sights and fun of Baltimore while T attended his last conference of the year.  We had so much fun while T was hard at work :) We even saved a little fun to share with him in the evenings when he was done.
Our last few trips to Chapel Hill for cousin time and birthday celebrations have been bittersweet, because we know they are coming to an end, for now.  We have loved the I-40 trek this year.

We couldn't leave NC without one final trip to G-Ville.  Gosh, we love having time with good friends, especially friends that are such wonderful hosts!  We have been so grateful for the fellowship of this year.
Our move is coming up!  After all our travels, we'll be ready for our cross-country trek.  

Whew, I am exhausted, excited and extremely grateful just remembering our travels this year.  What spectacular blessings each trip has offered, thank you, Lord.  We may never see another year like this one, which is just one more reason why we'll treasure these memories.

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lotsofjoyfulnoise said...

NC has been happy to serve as both home and launching pad this year. Now NC is requesting to officially be transitioned onto your list of destinations for future visits! We'll come see you in Minnesota too! Can't wait for your final trip along I40 this weekend. See you soon!