Thursday, December 22, 2011

Happy Blue Ridge Christmas

Last weekend, the Bears and I celebrated the end of our epic Alabama roadtrip in the best possible way.  We met T and all of the Johnson clan at a cabin in Blue Ridge, GA.

Thanks to Uncle L, who came up with the idea and the cabin.  We had an amazing time celebrating with 9 cousins, all 6 years and under, eight parents/siblings, and one awesome Nana.

There were birthdays and storytimes...

Christmas crafts, cookie baking and amazing cooks in the kitchen
(thanks, Aunt H, Nana, Aunt K and Aunt A!),

a Christmas train ride and special meetings,

and lots of fun in between.

Believe it or not, the cabin had a room of triple decker bunkbeds, and all the cousins slept downstairs together.  What a treat!  This crew is growing up so quickly. "Can we stay at this cabin with our cousins?" My Bears asked as we drove away.  It is sweet to be with family who we admire and love so much, especially this time of year.  

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