Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Toast to Paci

Tonight we toasted E-Bear with peppermint milkshakes at Chick-fil-a.  Our newly minted three year old has weathered two nights without his paci at bedtime, so we celebrated as promised with his chosen treat. I am so proud of how he is handling the transition.  As he set his paci in a "special spot" last night, he broke out into the Sesame Street refrain: "bye, bye, binkie...binkie, bye, bye," and then happily hopped into bed.  Now, as we have discussed (thanks, Aunt K, for the suggestions!), his teeth will have a lot more room to grow in his mouth at night!

Hang in there, E-Bear, you are doing great!

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Buck said...

Hmmm, I'm pretty sure Julia is going to go to college with the bink, but maybe there's hope yet. Of course, the first battle might be the bottle. Just when I thought we might transition away (she has it in the morning and before sleep) she managed to add a bonus bottle in the day. It seems like if a child can say "moke bah-ul pees" they're too old. :)