Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sunday Snapshots

We have had a big week around here.  It is nice to have our Sunday to recover.

We started the week by welcoming T back from his tournament trip.

By Tuesday night he was off again, this time to Nebraska,
and I was leaving from a different airport for interviews, Baby Bear in tow.

Baby Bear and I spend most of Tuesday night sleeping on the floor of the Cincinnati airport
because our connection was delayed.  Thank goodness for our dear friends who picked us up
in the wee morning hours when we reached our destination.

On Wednesday,
T manned the basketball team,
I interviewed all day,
Baby Bear wowed our friends with his sweet charm,
G-Bear attended a Moravian tea with her preschool friends
and Nana held down our fort.

On Thursday, we said goodbye to Nana,
and we jumped head first into Advent as a family.

By Saturday, the Bears were still all smiles.
We had a lot of people to thank for helping us through the week,
and we had earned every bit of our relaxing brunch and pj morning. 

We are taking a moment to recharge and reflect today, 
and light our second Advent candle,
so that we may begin the week tomorrow,
with joyful hearts and lives that light up the world for others.


B-Mama said...

Glad you made it through such a busy week... and with what sounds like a lot of joy! Love that shot of two of the bears at the end of your post. Baby bear is getting so big--am going to have to show the boys, who now insist on calling our new baby by G's name if we end up having a boy. lol. I told them it could be the baby's nickname! ;)

Marie said...

Nebraska! What?! We will be so sad if we missed seeing a Happily Ever Johnson in our state. Are we on the interview list?