Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Interview Math

Seven days
Six nights
Four cities
Three kids
Two adults
(me and Nana!)
One Sienna minivan


Epic interview season adventures!

Believe me, interviewing is not as glamorous as it might sound.  Nonetheless, Nana and the super-duper trooper Bears shine on through thick and thin.  I wish I could say the same for myself!  Thankfully, tonight I wrapped up my last interview of 2011.  I have only two more to go in 2012.  We have our reunion with T and the Johnson Family Christmas Gathering to look forward to on Thursday.  And, not to be lost in the shuffle, our sweet E-Bear turns the big 3 in a few hours.  I will probably exercise my parental discretion and not  disclose the arrival of his birthday until Thursday, when we are all back together as a family.  But don't worry (MoMo!), a spectacular Lightning McQueen birthday cake has been ordered, and the Cars decorations will be on hand to make our little big man feel like the three year old prince that he is.  

Our crew can be hard to keep up with.  Tonight I am especially thankful for our friends and family who have come along side us for this wild ride. 

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B-Mama said...

So happy for you that your interviews of 2011 are complete. Bravo friend! And happy birthday to big 3yo E! May he truly feel like a prince amidst all the celebration!!