Thursday, August 30, 2012

New Home Firsts

One of the best parts about a new home are the first moments.

Today the bears and I watered our first lawn.  We were up early!
G-Bear held the sprinkler, E-Bear carried the hose, Buddy Bear toddled around in the showering water.


This afternoon we enjoyed our first playtime in our new playroom.
It isn't up to my standards quite yet, but it holds great potential.
Buddy Bear was especially grateful to find a room with familiar favorites.
He has been missing our toys.


Tonight we officially opened the kitchen up for dinner.
It wasn't a home cooked meal, but it was close. 
The best part was sharing peaches and ice cream with the whole family on the patio,
a sweet blessing of making our home in Minnesota.

Moving the Johnsons is like moving the Titanic: it's slow going at first, but then we really settle in.  
 Soon, we'll be hitting our stride. 

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