Saturday, January 14, 2012

Road to the Championship, Part Two

"Every fan likes to think that they helped their team win the game.  
In our case, we're sure of it."  ;)
~The Happily Ever Johnsons celebrating the 2011 Crimson Tide

When we stepped out into New Orleans last Sunday, we looked the part.  T and I were wearing our matching houndstooth pants and skirt, respectively, which were Christmas gifts that we had found for each other not knowing that the other had the same idea.  Baby Bear was dressed in his new Big Al costume (the Tide's mascot -- thanks, Nana!).  E-Bear was dressed in his new Alabama sweat suit, and G-Bear was proudly wearing her new 'Bama cheerleader outfit.  As we walked down the street, shakers in hand, we shared a common greeting with the ubiquitous roaming Alabama fans:  "Roll Tide!"  The kids got so good at saying it and enjoyed giving out 'Roll Tide's' so much that G-Bear later described this as her favorite part of the weekend.  Even the LSU fans were sweet to our crew:  "aw, aren't you the cutest Tiger Bait ever!"  Whenever we passed a purple Tiger flag, G-Bear would look at T and me, then give us a wink and a playful thumbs down.  

We took New Orleans by storm.  

We had beignets and cafe au laits at Cafe du Monde,

 then attended church at Immaculate Conception downtown, and visited Jackson square, ESPN Game Day and the St. Louis Cathedral.  

We delighted the balloon vendors with our enthusiasm, and they delighted the kids with amazing creations
(Elmo for E-Bear and a red/white Ariel mermaid for G-Bear!), 

Notice that G-Bear is levitating with excitement.

and then took in the sights and sounds along the lavish Rue de Royal. 
(Sorry, no Bourbon Street for us.) 

We enjoyed a spectacular brunch with Uncle L and Aunt H at Antoine's, complete with jazz singers and a personalized Baked Alaska dessert that had the rest of the restaurant swooning.  

We ordered it 24 hours in advance, and boy, we were so glad that we did.
Finally, while the rest of the adults were out for dinner, T and I took our bears on a city-wide trolley tour to complete our evening.  We all had a great time, even when we got stuck in a downpour while waiting for a trolley to take us back to our hotel.  Hey, it was a small price to pay to maintain our super-fan status!

As we crawled into bed at 11pm on Sunday night, we knew our work had only just begun.  Then next day would be game day.   We knew we had to stay committed to make sure our team maintained it's edge. ;)  E-Bear slept in his Alabama football jersey to ensure sweet dreams.

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