Tuesday, January 3, 2012

On the ninth day of Christmas

For the ninth day of Christmas, a tasty memory:

nine Moravian cookies,

eight hours of playtime,
seven resolutions,
six nights, scant sleeping,
five first time puffs!
Four at St. Nick's feet,
three playmates, 
two crawling buds,
and a joyful, thankful family!

Our area of North Carolina is marked by the cultural traditions of the Moravians, who settled in North Carolina in the mid-1700's in search of religious freedom.  We have been delighted to encounter the Moravians and their traditions for the first time since we moved last summer.  I have been especially attracted to the Moravian traditions surrounding Christmas.  We have encountered Moravian stars (thanks to Nana, ours will light up our porch through Epiphany), Christmas Teas and Love Feasts, Christingle candles (G-Bear received one at her preschool Christmas Tea this year), and perhaps most deliciously, Moravian cookies.  

Our favorite bakery in town in Dewey's, which makes cakes, pastries, and especially delicious Moravian classics.  One of our favorite ways to treat our kids is to take them to Dewey's and let them each choose a cake square, which cost about a dollar.  T and I have come to love their Moravian cookies, which are out of this world.  We gave them as hostess gifts during Advent and brought them to our family Christmas gatherings.  They are so thin and delicate, yet are packed with a perfect flavor and sweetness that taste like Christmas melting in your mouth.   I could eat a whole box, especially the chocolate-dipped kind topped with crushed peppermint.  Thankfully, even though they taste amazing, they are so thin that you can eat 9 cookies for about the calories of a granola bar.  I'll take these cookies over a granola bar every time.
Tonight, T and I took the kids to Dewey's for a special treat night after dinner.  The kids chose pink lemonade cake squares: pink cake with yellow lemon frosting.   T and I chose two boxes of Moravian cookies, which are conveniently on post-holiday sale for 50% off.  So here we sit, herbal tea in our coffee cups, munching away on Moravian cookies.   In keeping with the current day of Christmas, I only ate nine.  Just kidding.

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