Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Midweek Moments and Milestones


E-Bear came to rescue me last night while T was tickling me.
E-Bear: "Daddy, Daddy, stop THAT!  Stop tickling Mommy."
T, grinning:  "Why should I stop?"
E-Bear:  "Because, Mommy doesn't like tickles!"
T:  "How do you know that she doesn't like tickles?"
E-Bear: "Because, because, because I can't know!"

Even when he is at a loss for words, E-Bear remains our prince and defender :)


Three days before his 9 month birthday, Baby Bear has started clapping.
Now he delights us by clapping at mealtime, playtime, "So Big" time, and lots of times in between.
We are happy to applaud your right back, Baby Bear!


Today G-Bear brought home from school an igloo she made out of toothpicks and marshmallows. 
When she asked if she could "roast" them, I told her that we probably wouldn't.
However, I offered that if she was willing to share with E-Bear, she could eat her marshmallows for an after-lunch treat.  After lunch, G-Bear divided up her marshmallow sticks to share and enjoy:

G-Bear: "Mommy, everyone gets two.  Here are two for you, E-Bear.  Here are two for you, Mommy."
Me:  "Well thank you, G-Bear.  But why do you only have one?  There is one left here in your bowl."
G-Bear:  "I only have one because I am saving that one for Daddy so that he can have one."

My heart melted.  
She chose to have only one marshmallow stick to our two so that T could have one.
After everyone had enjoyed their marshmallows, I whispered to G-Bear,
"You know, sweetie, I bet Daddy would be happy to share his marshmallow stick with you."
G-Bear:  "Do you think so? Maybe I could have his and tell him about it when he gets home."
Sounded like a great plan to me :)

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