Monday, January 2, 2012

On the eighth day of Christmas

For the eighth day of Christmas, a priceless memory:

Eight hours of playtime,

seven resolutions,
six nights, scant sleeping,
five first time puffs!
Four at St. Nick's feet,
three playmates,
two crawling buds,
and a joyful, thankful family!

Our house has been a perpetual family playplace for the past few days, and today was no different.  What a treat to all be together for yet another day full of 
(today at dinner, E-Bear noted: "Mom, you didn't even change us out of our pjs yet!"), 
(Trains! Shopping with the grocery cart! Cars!  Coloring!  Stamps! Learning games!  
We've played with pretty much everything today.), 
(at one point T had rigged a system to watch 5 games at one time!), 
(on the couch, all together, watching the Rose Bowl parade) 
and stories 
(plenty of new winners to read).  

After our long days and short nights, we are normalizing our schedule and today enjoyed a late morning, super naps and a relatively early bedtime.  Tomorrow, our regular weekly schedule kicks into gear, but we'll be doing our best to carry the Christmas spirit into our normal weekly life.  

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