Monday, January 30, 2012

Grocery Bag

We have some delicious favorites and a few new dishes to try.  Here is our dinner meal plan to get through the week.  

Day One
Veggie fried rice from Southern Living Magazine
with fruit salad
A familiar favorite that comes together in a flash.
Photo and recipe from

Day Two
Black lentils from The Indian Slow Cooker Cookbook
with couscous and romaine cranberry salad
I love this cookbook and the slow cooker methods!  Our kids gobble this lentil dish.

Photo and recipe from Indian as Apple Pie

Day Three
with homemade bread and pears
Photo and recipe from Kate In The Kitchen

Day Four
Tortilla strata from Cooking Light Magazine
with salsa, hummus and carrot sticks
This is delicious and hearty enough for breakfast or dinner.
Photo and recipe from

Day Five
Baked potato and broccoli soup from Southern Living Magazine
with homemade bread
Another family favorite!  I chop the broccoli up tiny, tiny 
and the kids hardly notice it in the rich, creamy soup.

Photo and recipe from

Blessings on your kitchen.

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Buck said...

Just once I want to see a Grocery bag that says grilled cheese, Kraft, and fine-just-eat-bunny-crackers.