Monday, January 30, 2012

The interviews are done

Praise the Lord, we have made it through my interview season.

My last interview was today.  The kids and I returned home to T exhausted.  I was exhausted but elated from my last interview day.  The kids were exhausted and elated from the spectacularly fun day they had enjoyed with their cousins at Aunt K's house.  We celebrated by having dinner out, using a gift certificate from my sister and Uncle T.  Such a treat.

If there is anything I have gained through this interview season, it is opportunity.  If there is anything I lack at it's end, it is clarity on the right step to take next.  I am so grateful for our friends and family who have prayed for me, daily in some cases, throughout this season.  I am also speechless with gratitude for the people who invested in me, encouraged me and sacrificed to help me get where I am now.

"I will guide you.  I will turn darkness into light before you and make the rough places smooth." 
 ~Isaiah 42:16"

We are celebrating in a big way this week, and we'll have lots of fun celebration stories to share in a few days.  I can't wait.

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