Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Rainy Days and Tent Play

The sun just came out yesterday for the first time in a week.

T was gone for all but one day of that week.

Fortunately, Aunt Linda gave the kids a tent for Christmas.

The tent became a fixture of our living room on Rainy Day #2.  
It still takes up most of our living room.  
And I love it.

The Bears have played sleepover, 
tea party,
and endless chasing games in and out of the tent.  

The biggest peels of laughter are from the chasing games
when Baby Bear is doing the chasing.

 Baby Bear loves his sibs so much,
he just wants to be in on their action.

Lord, when I remember these rainy days,
let me forget the moments when I was crabby,
and tired,
and tripping over the bedding on the floor,

and instead remember the smiles,
the screams of delight,
the laughter,
the shaking tent,
the make-believe.

and Lord, thank you for these rainy days,
and our tent.


lotsofjoyfulnoise said...

I love your kids, your tent, your attitude, and that awesome picture of you and T on the mantle!

Anonymous said...

Betsy, whenever you get tired or crabby, take a look at Baby Bear's face coming through the tent toward the next adventure. Awesome!