Friday, January 6, 2012

On the twelfth day of Christmas

For the twelfth day of Christmas, a priceless memory:

twelve "happy pifnies!" 

This is E-Bear's renditions of "Happy Epiphany," which is how he greeted everyone today:  his preschool director, his preschool teacher, the office manager, three maintenance men, our neighbor, his toy truck, G-Bear, Baby Bear, and myself (twice!).  

eleven threads adorning,
ten strings of tree lights,
nine Moravian cookies,
eight hours of playtime,
seven resolutions,
six nights, scant sleeping,
five first time puffs!
Four at St. Nick's feet,
three playmates,
two crawling buds,

We have had a wonderful Advent and Christmas season and hope you have too.  I am already excited for Christmas next year!  Happy Epiphany!

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lotsofjoyfulnoise said...

I have thoroughly enjoyed following the twelve days of Christmas, Happily Ever Johnson edition! I had fun guessing to myself what the next day's label might be and have to admit that my guess for the 12th day was "On the 12th day of Christmas, a priceless memory... a trip to New Orleans to see a Bama victory!" The one you came up with is much cuter, more appropriate and in keeping with the spirit of the season! Happy Epiphany (and Roll Tide, too!)