Thursday, January 19, 2012

My reason to skip the snooze button today

"Be the kind of woman that, when your feet hit the floor each morning,
 the devil says 'Oh *%#@, she's up!' "

I read this quote on our good friend's blog and couldn't resist recording it here as well.  Some days I need extra motivation to skip the snooze button!  Each day is an awesome opportunity to do good for my family and for the world.   Oh that I would begin each day with thanksgiving, committing my day to the Lord!

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Just ME said...

I am up holding a sick baby! Funny how this is when I can catch up on blogs! Just stopped by to say hello and I have been reading even though I've been a lazy blogger myself. Not sure how you do it all. Good post..... but the snooze button may be my friend in the am!