Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Best of Baltimore

We just couldn't make T go to Baltimore all by himself last week.
I mean, the poor guy would have be stuck at a conference all by himself.
The last time he had to do that, it was over Thanksgiving and he was the saddest guy on earth at the happiest place on earth.  We couldn't repeat that sage, not with only two weeks of fellowship left!

So, we tagged along.

Outside Lord Tyler's in Fells Point

I think Fells Point is still recovering. :)

Baltimore is a remarkably family-friendly city.
Stay near the water, and either walking, boating or busing to your destination is a cinch.

There is plenty to roar about at the Science Museum,
Don't worry, no dinosaur bones were actually threatened in the making of this picture.

the dolphins put on quite a show at the National Aquarium,
G-Bear and E-Bear spent the rest of the night pretending to be the dolphins from the show.

batting practice at Camden Yards is not to be missed,

Way to go, slugger!
Put 'em in, Coach.

the trains at the Railroad Museum will really take you back,

and there are plenty of new heights to climb,

G-Bear saw the climbing wall and was determined to try it.

especially the really high ones!

Can you believe this?  What did you do with my cautious little girl?
She made it to the top twice, folks!

I promise, T really was attending a conference, and he attended it faithfully!
But, when he came back each day, we made the most of every minute.

Our three Bears were troopers through our long car rides and daily walks.  They were just as enthusiastic about exploring the city as T and I were.  E-Bear was always up for a boat ride. G-Bear was like a sponge at the museum exhibits, asking so many great questions and wanting us to explain everything.  Buddy Bear took total command as an independent walker, and quickly became an expert at wandering off by himself.  But, oh, we had so much fun just being together.  We slept like rocks at night because of all that we enjoyed together each day.  

That makes for a happy Johnson crew all around.    

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