Monday, July 9, 2012

Best Breakfast of the Week

This morning I was making breakfast for the Bears when Buddy Bear came out of the playroom.

He toddled over to me with a big smile on his face.  In his hands he was carrying a pot from the play kitchen.  He had carefully filled it with puzzle pieces, miniature figurines and toy balls.  It looked just like the "kitchen special" creations that G-Bear and E-Bear often make for each other when they are pretending to be cooks in the kitchen.

Buddy Bear stretched his arms out and offered his pot to me with a giant grin.

"Here's your breakfast, Mom!"

He didn't say it, but I knew he meant it.  We sat together as I took out each piece of "food" and pretended to munch on it.  Smile after smile spread across his face each time I sampled his creation.  I offered each piece to him and he pretended to eat it, smacking his lips and laughing.

His siblings have taught him well.  Thanks, Buddy Bear, this was the best breakfast of my week!

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Buck said...

I may never be able to pull off what's in your Grocery Bag posts, but Buddy Bear's cooking is right up my alley. If he planned a weekly menu I could totally follow it.