Saturday, July 7, 2012

Grocery Bag

It's HOT out there!  We're really enjoying these long, summer days.  The challenge for dinner is to use all the great fruits and veggies of summer without heating up the kitchen.  My plan for staying cool at the end of the week is to stretch a rotisserie chicken into three meals and bake one double batch of dinner rolls for use with two dinners.  Here are my ideas for the week.

Day Two
Salmon with herb crust from Everyday Food Magazine
with spinach salad and blueberries
Photo and recipe from

Day Three
Baked couscous with summer squash & herbs from Cooking Light Magazine
with watermelon & coleslaw
Photo and recipe from

Day Four
Rotisseri chicken & cheese quesadillas with pineapple 
and zucchini and yellow squash gratin from Everyday Food Magazine
Use some of the chicken tonight and leave the rest for sandwiches tomorrow.
Photo and recipe from

Day Five
whole wheat rolls from Finding Joy in My Kitchen,
 grapes and carrot sticks
Tonight, use the chicken bones to make stock for tomorrow's soup.
The rolls are fantastic--truly worthy of a double batch
Photo and recipe from

Day Five
Corn chowder from Food & Wine Magazine
with whole wheat rolls from Finding Joy in My Kitchen
Photo and recipe from

Blessings on your kitchen!

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SnoWhite said...

I'm so happy your family enjoys the whole wheat roll! We've recently started making a double batch and keeping them (made into hot dog and hamburger buns) in the freezer. They are perfect for that last minute BBQ!

We'll have to try the zucchini/summer squash gratin. Yum.