Sunday, July 1, 2012

Goodbye, June. Hello, July.

In June we....

Spent nine days at home,
flew on 18 airplanes,
travelled to Houston,
Rockport, MA,
Florence, AL,
Minneapolis, MN,
saw dozens of friends,
visited family in three states,
interviewed for jobs,
interviewed schools.
G-Bear swam by herself for the first time, both over and under the water.
E-Bear wrote his name for the first time, both in sand at the beach and with markers on paper.
Buddy Bear gained new independence, both by standing and walking by himself.

In July we need to....

Decide where to move,
decide when to move,
decide how to move,
decide what job to accept,
make decisions for kindergarden,
make decisions for pre-school, 
decide where to live,
decide what to bring and what to leave behind,
soak up family, friends and favorite spots in North Carolina,
relish the weather,
swim in the pool,
finish a book chapter,
attend a conference,
complete a curriculum,

and relax a little too, 
because, we mustn't forget, it's summer.

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B-Mama said...

I'm tired reading this! You all are amazing!! Stay cool... xox