Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Off to Rockport

Is there any day like a day at the beach?

Thanks to Aunt K and Uncle T, we got to spend almost a week at the beach together as a family.

I have been known to be a beach scrooge in the past, but this trip changed me.  
Although temperatures hovered around 65 degrees during our stay, we spent hours at the beach everyday.

At the beach, E-Bear learned to write his name,

our princess became queen of the sandcastles,

Buddy Bear ate his weight in sand and loved it,

and towel and jacket-clad adults enjoyed some R&R 
while the kids played with Papa

or occupied themselves in the outgoing tide.

After spending the afternoon at Front Beach, we would take an evening trip to the meadow to play,

and return to a dinner prepared fresh off the boat, thanks to YaYa and GP (what a treat!).

Thanks to Aunt K's great planning, we celebrated Cousin Harkin's 3rd birthday 

Happy Birthday, Harkin!

with beautiful fairy cupcakes 

and firemen hats.

The best part, though, is always just being together.

We always leave with refreshed relationships, 

plenty of memories to treasure,

wondering when we can do it again.

Thanks, Rockport.

To our family, for taking the time out to be together, thank you.   
We love you, and we're missing you this Fourth of July.

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SnoWhite said...

what a special trip! it's always a treat to see your family together.