Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Splash pool for Buddy Bear

Last spring, MoMo was kind enough to offer to buy Buddy Bear a water table for his first birthday.  I was grateful for her generous offer, but politely declined.  I knew we would be moving again this summer and didn't want to accumulate any more large objects before packing up again.  Also, the only space we could realistically put a water table would be on the porch, in the space currently hosting three bikes, a stroller and our painting easel.  Hopefully I don't sound like a total grinch.

Well, Buddy Bear sure has shown me.  I didn't think he would ever find out that I turned down such a fun birthday present for him.  But I am sure that he must have. He seems intent on showing me how much fun he would have playing in a splash pool water table.  No water table from MoMo?  No problem.  Who needs a bonafide splash pool when you have a home with two toilets?

That's right, our little big man takes every chance he gets at playing in the toilet.  He's ridiculously good at getting to the bathroom in a flash without being noticed.

Then, the other day we were all waiting turns to use the bathroom before heading out to the store.  G-Bear was at bat with E-Bear on deck, and to conserve water they were being diligent not to flush in between turns but to wait until the last person finished.  Before it was my turn, I was called away by a brief phone call.

When I returned to the bathroom a few moments later, E-Bear and G-Bear were washed up and diligently putting on shoes by the door.  Where was Buddy Bear?  Thaaaat's right, splashing away in the toilet, half soaked.

And what was that white glob of goo in his mouth?

Yup, a big glob of soaked toilet paper that he had fished out of the toilet.

Take that mom.  No birthday water table?  No problem.

 Suffice it to say, I will not be recounting this story on my application for mother of the year.

And if you stop by our house, please close the door after you use the bathroom.

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