Monday, July 16, 2012

Grocery Bag

After many long and wonderful journeys over the past 6 weeks, we are home until we move next month.  Over the next six weeks, we'll soak up our North Carolina favorites, the best of the farmer's market, and clean our our pantry.  It is hard to believe that we've been here a year.  So, as our re-entry and exit begin simultaneously this week, here are my plans to tackle dinner.

Day One
Gnocchi with summer vegetables from Everyday Food Magazine
with homemade bread
One of my new favorite summer pastas, fresh and delicious.
Photo and recipe from

Day Two
Cauliflower soup from Fine Cooking Magazine
with spinach salad and homemade bread
Our kids love the creaminess of cauliflower soup.  It's an easy way to sneak in vegetables.
Photo and recipe from Fine Cooking

Day Three

with chickpea flour pancakes and berries
Madhur Jaffrey's recipes are some of our newest favorites.

Photo and recipe from MyKitchenTable

Day Four
Pasta with peppers squash and tomatoes from Everyday Food Magazine
with strawberry spinach salad
We love to make this pasta with Trader Joe's Apple Chicken Sausage.
Photo and recipe from

Day Five
Tofu curry by Indian as Apple Pie
with basmati rice and steamed snap peas
Another great recipe by Anupy Singla
Photo and recipe from Indian as Apple Pie

Blessings on your kitchen this week!

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