Saturday, September 3, 2011

UNC Gameday

It is college football's opening weekend! 

We may not have been the starting offensive line, 

but we were pretty good at blocking the sidewalk. 

This crew looked so fierce, man, could they clear a section.

Just kidding, this was actually after the game, not during it.
We don't exit any place quickly.

Carolina blues looked good on everyone today.

The smiles were sterling,

and so too will be our memories.

We have Uncle T, Aunt K and the cousins to thank for our awesome day.

Would you believe that we arrived before the game started
and left long after the crowd was gone?
With six kids 5 years and under, that is impressive and a sign of a good time.

We'll sleep well tonight, especially because all of our teams won today.  Gotta keep everyone happy around here ;)

Happy football season!

1 comment:

Kristi said...

OK, clearly I am biased, but I love love love these photos! I am so glad you remembered to pull out the camera in the midst of all the fun chaos! What an incredible day! Thank you, thank you for the weekend and the post!

(PS: Go Heels! Roll Tide And go team Johnson Smith!