Friday, September 2, 2011

Daybook for September 2011

Welcome, September.

We'll be clinging to our last weekend of summer over the next few days.
Here are a few Daybook reflections as we prepare for the coming season.
(As always, thanks to The Simple Woman's Daybook for hosting the inspiration.)

Outside my window...there is a playground.  It is small, nothing fancy, but I have seen it turned into Tangled's tower, a movie theater, a scene from Toystory, a kitten house, a dragon lair and watched many other imaginative adventures take place.  Thanks to E-Bear and G-Bear for sharing their adventures with me.  

I am thinking...about how complicated life feels sometimes, when really the punchline is so simple: faith, hope and love, love, love.  At the end of the day, did I accomplish this?   Here is the real business of life.

I am thankful...that my residency application is finished and ready to be submitted.  Whew.  I just have to push a button and away it goes.  I realize as I submit it how many people I have to thank for getting me to this point in my medical journey.  My family, many friends, as well as several mentors and teachers who have supported me through a very unconventional path.  No matter where the path leads from here on out, I am blessed and have a lot to pay forward.

From the learning rooms...We once again find ourselves in the bathroom, as E-Bear gives the potty the old preschool try.  He doesn't need to be potty trained for his little school, but we are trying to strike while his interest is piqued.  We employ lots of Sesame Street podcasts, books and promises of chocolate.  I think I am terrible at potty training and my lack of self confidence certainly doesn't help the situation.  Given this, I am proud of E-Bear's valiant attempts and preliminary successes.  We face mountains at all stages of our life, don't we?

In the kitchen...I am trying to perfect my banana pudding recipe.  Believe me, when your husband is the grandson of Grandmother Johnson, no ordinary recipe will do.  I am getting closer.  If I am lucky, this becomes my signature dish.    

I am creating...personal statements, chocolate chip cookies, soda bread, meal plans, school strategies, application schedules, weekend itineraries -- whew!  It has been a big week.  

I am going...We are headed to visit the cousins this weekend, a huge blessing of being just an hour away.  We'll hit up a football game and a few playground playdates as well as plenty of crazed meals with six kids ages 4 months - 5 years.  You might not believe me, but the chaos couldn't be more relaxing or enjoyable.  I can't wait for the weekend.  

I am wondering...I am realizing that wonder is a funny thing.  My mind is exhausted from wondering these days: wondering about our future, residency, the kids' school year, our new life post-move, how to make the most of these youthful days.  On the other hand, I see the way that childlike wonder infuses my kids's lives with energy and happiness.  I think I am going to trade in my exhausting, adult wondering for the childlike kind.  Now if only I could find my receipt....

I am reading...The Way by St. Jose Maria Escriva.  No matter how tired I am, I can get through a page or two each night before bed.  The inspiration is still with me the next morning.

I am hoping...That the kids enjoy their new school year as much as they enjoyed finding their classrooms today.  We met both E-Bear's and G-Bear's new teachers, toured the classrooms and made a few friends at the playground. They both wore their backpacks, stuffed full with toys from our playroom.  "Just in case, Mom," they said.  We're excited for school around here!

I am looking forward to...a trip to Boston with T and the kids later this month.  We'll rendezvous with MoMo and Papa, Uncle T, Aunt K and our cousins.

I am hearing...Baby Bear rustle around in his bassinet.  Poor little kiddo is teething.  It's hard to sleep well when teeth are tearing up your gums.  What a trooper.  I'm here for you, dude.

Around the house...We have picture frames of all shapes and sizes hung on our walls without pictures in them.  How ironic, right?  They remind me of the boxes I still have yet to unpack, like the one containing my thank you notes.  My apologies if you have sent us a gift this summer.  Your generosity may go unacknowledged for yet another month.

I am did it get so late?  I promised myself I would be in bed by 10pm.

One of my favorite the Minnesota State Fair.  It ends this weekend.  We missed it.  If you go, eat a few Sweet Marthas for me and spend a few extra minutes at the Birth Barn.  I'll raise my milk glass to toast our past five years of fabulous family memories at the Fair.  

A few plans for the rest of the week:  We meet our new pediatrician tomorrow for Baby Bear's 4 month check up!  We get to enjoy four days together thanks to Todd's fellowship schedule!  We'll see the cousins this weekend!  School starts next week!  We have a lot of fun ahead of us.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...

I love the reactions to the train - different as night and day.

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