Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Pass through the mountains

My applications for residency are due tomorrow.  The dance of being a wife, mother and medical student is behind me.  Before me, the leviathan of residency looms.  There are moments when I struggle to enjoy present joys while the future is unknown, moments when I am both certain and uncertain of the path to take as the roads before me diverge.

"Let obstacles only make you bigger.  The grace of our Lord will not be lacking: 'inter medium montium pertransibunt aquae!' -- 'through the very midst of the mountains the waters shall pass.'  You will pass through mountains!  What does it matter that you have to curtail your activity for the moment, if later, like a spring which has been compressed, you'll advance much farther than you  ever dreamed?" ~St. Jose Maria Escriva The Way, 12

The best place to rest is, as always, the Truth:

"I will lead the blind by ways they have not known, along unfamiliar paths I will guide them; 
I will turn the darkness into light before them 
and make the rough places smooth.  
These are the things I will do; 
I will not forsake them." 
~Isaiah 42:16

Thanks to T for the visual inspiration.

Now that is a promise.


Chrisy said...

Praying for you through this time. This is my quote when I am going through unknown times with my health, nursing school, my family, my family's future, pretty much everything unknown. It brings me comfort and reminds me of who really is in charge. Im not sure who to give the credit to because when I found it, it was posted anonymously. Praise God for whoever was thoughtful enough to write it down.

"Never be afraid to trust your unknown future to the known God." Even though I dont know the path Im going to find myself on in the next day or even the next hour, God knows it because he planned it. He is my Father and he knows everything about me and what I need and I trust him implicitly....even though it is difficult.

Kat said...

Praying for you!