Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Good Pediatrician

Baby Bear is almost 4 months old, which has me thinking about his four month well-child check.  I reflexively reach for my phone to make an appointment with our clinic in Minnesota, then I remember it would be a bit of a drive and, quite a kick in the pants, it would be an out-of-network visit for our new insurance.  Shoot.

I have only had one pediatrician since becoming a mother.  Janelle Dailey has seen all of my kids since G-Bear was born.  She couldn't get a higher recommendation for me.  As a mom I have learned how important it is to trust and have a good relationship with your child's doctor.

She saw the kids through developmental milestones, cheered me on through parenting and medical school, gave us plenty of tips along the way and tolerated our idiosyncrasies.  Because she knew my kids so well, if one of them was sick, she could tell just by walking into the room.   When they were feeling well, they would light up when she came in the room, and I would too.

One of our last outings before leaving Minnesota was to take Baby Bear to see her for his two month visit (besides doubling his age, he has come a long way since then!).   It says a lot about how we feel about Dr. Dailey that we would all pile in the car for the visit.  After Baby Bear wowed us all, there were plenty of hugs, stickers and snoopy bandaids for everyone.

This week my project is to find a new pediatrician.  There will probably be stickers and bandaids and crayons at our new clinic, but there won't be Dr. Dailey.  Fortunately from her care, I have learned the irreplaceable value of a pediatrician I trust.  That's one thing our new clinic will certainly have.

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B-Mama said...

We also had a *wonderful* pediatrician back in IN that we were so sorry to leave when we moved. Thankfully, since then, we've found a really loving, nurturing practice here in VA, so there's hope for you!! I know you'll find the best for your brood! And I'm going to put in a vote for finding one close to home--you'll be going there often enough and it really helps to have them close! Ours is literally around the corner and I praise God for that every time we are heading there. xo God bless as you settle!!