Monday, August 1, 2011

A Walk in His Shoes

Before our move last week, T took some pictures of the shoes he wore during residency.

These shoes were too worn to make the cross country trek with us, but oh, the stories they would tell if they could talk!  They saw it all with T, whether in the clinic or in the OR.  

Seeing them is like a window into the life of a resident.

This week T will be wearing a new pair of shoes both literally and figuratively.  Today T starts his new job, this time as a fellow.  We are so excited for him as we continue the process of adapting to our new home.   For us, it is another day to pause and reflect on how far he has come. 

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B-Mama said...

WOW! My Dansko's sole cracked and I thought they were worn. What a pair of shoes. They do tell a story or two, eh?! Prayers as you all settle. God bless.