Monday, August 22, 2011

Something New Everyday

Today was a big day.

Baby Bear grabbed his play mat giraffe.

E-Bear sat on the potty.

G-Bear swam by herself in the deep end.

You know the old adage, "do something new everyday?"  Well, we're committed around here!  Parental pride aside, it is so wonderful to get to celebrate new victories with our kids everyday.  Take the time to notice, and children have a way of reminding us to take life by the horns, go for it, and try something new everyday (like those chickpeas on your dinner plate!).  So try that new recipe, sign up for that new fellowship group, say hello to the neighbor you haven't yet met.  Or do all three, 
like I did this afternoon, 
inspired by my kids, 
who are all 
going for it. 

Thank you, Lord for all the opportunities you give us each day.  Help us make the most of them.

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