Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Baby Bear at 4 Months

Hey there, Baby Bear.
You know what your momma loves?

I love your belly laugh and your sweet little giggle,

your happy eyebrows and that great big smile,

and your big, brown eyes. 

 Thanks for working so hard to get my attention.  You make me feel like a movie star.
I love all your snuggles.  Be careful, because you may make your daddy jealous ;)
Just kidding, it just makes him want to nuzzle you more.

You're a man on the move, rolling over on your mat, splashing in the bath, giving your chew toys a nice big chomp.  Your smile delights even the crabbiest of Bears around here, so keep it up.  

We adore you.

Thank you, Lord for 4 months of our Baby Bear.

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B-Mama said...

Happy four months, Baby Bear! You are adorable!