Friday, August 19, 2011

Hello from Blowing Rock

Hello from Blowing Rock, NC.  

We're taking an old fashioned family vacation this weekend.

A vacation from moving, adjusting and all we've put behind us over the past month.

After a relaxing drive on the Blue Ridge, we are ready to hang out together.

While we're here we'll see the sights,

take a few deep breaths of the fresh mountain air,

and take time to admire life from a few different angles.  

Say ahhhhhhh.

We'll be in touch.


cp said...

such a beautiful family queen B! the midwest misses you! xoxo, carolyn

B-Mama said...

Happy for you all! Enjoy the eastern mountain air! Love that I see you both in each of your babies, esp. T in baby Bear. Whoa! xo

Patty "Wilson" P said...

Queen B, I love it! We are, as moms/persons, after all baptized Priest = Nurturer, Prophet = Teacher, Queen = Guide!

I just joined Catholic Mothers Online and found your wonderful blog post there about Spiritual Directors. As a spiritual director, mom, wife and chief bottle washer, I wanted to say hello.

I hope you are finding your vocation of motherhood to be as joyous as it seems to be from these great vacation pictures!

God bless