Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The North Carolina Farmer's Market

I am getting ready for the return of Grocery Bag on Monday.  Four weeks off, and I am craving the stability of the meal plan.

As we re-build our fridge and pantry her in North Carolina, we have been going in search of local farmer's markets.

We have found one so far and look forward to discovering more.  
The markets are a great way to get to know regional produce.  

T and I already noticed differences in the offerings.  

Apples in August?  
Cider from peaches?  
Greens called collard?  
Okra, not zucchini?  

It's fun to notice the differences.  
I am excited to try new things and enjoy a few month's difference in the availability.  

Our first trip to the market, and our bags were overflowing with:

peach cider
 pastured pork tenderloin
pastured pork sausage
grass-fed ground beef
cage free eggs
honey crisp apples (made me feel right at home, just a few months early)
strawberry preserves

We had to pace ourselves.

The kids could hardly wait to get into the car to eat one of the apples.  As soon as they were buckled in, 

they shared one

right across the back seat.

Now that is something to sink your teeth into :)

This week we'll try the veggies and the strawberry cider.  We'll definitely repeat the apples, because word has it they will be gone by September.  Sniff.  

Grocery bag, here we come.

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