Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Our weekend in Blowing Rock, NC

This past weekend was a huge treat for our family.  It was, so far as I can remember right now, the first time we have taken a vacation away with just our little family.  We love going on trips and get-aways with family and friends.  But this weekend was different, relaxing and special in a new way.

Before our weekend, I would have never guessed that a place called Blowing Rock could be so wonderful.  Having retreated to the mountains of North Carolina, I now understand why they are so popular.  Our weekend was a perfect mix of amusement and relaxation, spectacular and kid-friendly.  It is worth repeating.  Take our word for it, the Ridgeway Inn is a friendly, charming value (with a great breakfast!).  It's in the heart of lovely Blowing Rock, and as we walked to a Friday night lawn concert we saw a multitude of other adorable Inns with tables set and beckoning.

On Saturday morning, as I walked around the town with my coffee in one hand and early bird Baby Bear tucked in my Ergo carrier, the mountains were already hard at work creating the restful, peaceful morning air.  We had a weekend of fun ahead of us that left us with tired and smiling.

Here's just a taste, because there's a lot more to share.

Thanks to G-Bear for this great picture of T and me!

There's more to come about a train called Tweetsie, a mountain named Grandfather, and our family enjoying them both!

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