Wednesday, September 7, 2011

First Day of School 2011

Today is the first day of school here in Happily Ever Johnson Land!

A special hooray goes out to E-Bear, who enjoyed his VERY FIRST day of school today.

Last year there were quite a few tears on our first day of school.  This year, we had only smiles, as both E-Bear and G-Bear get to go to school together.  We are a blessed bunch.  

Our routine this morning was quite a bit different than it has been all summer.  Breakfast was mini-wheats and bananas in the car (can you tell we were running late?),  at 10 AM I was attending a parents' meeting alone with Baby Bear rather than watching Sesame Street with the kids, and at noon we were leaving school rather than changing out of our pjs!  Yikes, that's a lot of change for the Mama Bear!

We're excited about our new school and teachers.  We dropped G-Bear off at her classroom first, and she wasted no time climbing to the top of the pillow loft that was filled with books.  E-Bear was so brave when I dropped him off at his room.  When I picked him up he reported that he had been sad a few times because I was "not at the class" with him.  I bet he just said that to make me feel better ;)  All in all, a great first day.

Today we are especially thankful for G-Bear's teachers last year, who laid a strong, loving school foundation for our whole family.  We are ready to put our best feet forward for this new year.

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Kristi said...

So glad they had a great first day! Can't get over how they can look so big and so little at the same time on those first days... I hope they both have a great year!