Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Misty Eye Moments

Parenthood is full of moments that make you realize how great life is and how quickly it is passing by. Here are a few of my latest misty eye moments:

While helping the kids ride bikes:
G-Bear (to T holding the handle of her bike): " Daaaaaad, let me go, let me go!"
T (to me): "That's what she's going to say to me in twelve years when she's learning to drive."
G-Bear (now stuck at the bottom of a hill):  "Daaaaad, will you please come help me?"


Freshly 5 months old, Baby Bear was playing in our Exersaucer for the first time this week.  When he would become unhappy with something, G-Bear would run to the rescue, delivering a chew toy, a paci, a blanket, whatever she thought he needed.  As she sat and played with the Exersaucer toys with him, I realized I had seen her do it all before, nearly 3 years ago, with E-Bear.  When I asked her if she remembered when E-Bear used to play in the saucer, she said she didn't.  But I remember.  She is still the same sweet sister, one brother later.  

My big boy E-Bear, racing into preschool with his backpack on, give me a big hug and a kiss and a wave today before darting off to play with the classroom toys.  One week ago he was a super sad dude when we parted ways at the classroom door.  Not anymore.  He brought home an apple tree picture today and was so proud to show it off at dinner.  That's my E-Bear.


Baby Bear has no interest laying on his back anymore.  Set him down, and he is rolled over on his stomach almost immediately, ready to watch the action.  He is happy as a clam on his tummy, as long as he can see what's happening.  Just don't step on the little guy chillin' in the middle of the floor!


T has been home early these days from work, a welcome change for all of us.  From the kitchen as I make dinner, I can hear the peals of laughter from the playroom.  T is simultaneously ordering food from a chef, playing pretend with a princess, holding a happy Baby Bear in his lap, and checking his email so that I can have the kitchen to myself.  Is it any wonder that he's my prince charming?


We all take our shoes off when we come into our house.  This particular day, the routine took our breath away.  We know things won't always be this way.  

Thank you, Lord for these precious days.  Help us parent these sweet souls with your grace and wisdom.  

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