Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Are you ready for some football?

'Bama Nation is getting ready for a big game this weekend.  T usually reminds us around Tuesday that it is time to get ready for the game on Saturday.  The Bears have been doing their own preparations over the past few weeks by trying to figure this whole football thing out.  Last weekend, after watching the games, G-Bear and E-Bear announced their approaches to the game:

E-Bear (enthusiastically): 
"Mommy, I'm a football player and I would KICK the ball so the odder team can't get it!"

G-Bear (perplexed):
"Mommy, if I was there, I would get the ball and tell them that they all have to share it."

Depending on how you feel about football, you may be either delighted or disappointed that my kids aren't in charge of the game this weekend.

On a similar topic, our fabulous apartment community handyman recently discovered our allegiance to the Tide by spying our Nick Saban refrigerator magnet while fixing our broken washer.  He announced that he was a Tennessee fan and that we were lucky he didn't know we were Bama fans before he fixed the washer.  Holy moly!  I guess I am lucky to have a working washer.  The season has definitely started.

Roll Tide!

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