Tuesday, September 7, 2010

First Day of School

Ah, the day after Labor Day.  If you grow up in Minnesota, that almost always means the start of a new school year.  This year we are celebrating this day once again, for the first time.  Not that we didn't spend the last days of summer living it up (note the suspicious lack of posting the past 4 days).  But today, we were kickin' it, school-style.

G-Bear looked the part.  Miss R had french braided her long hair into two braids.  She had on her new dress and corduroy jacket, gifts from Grandmo.  And when she woke up, she greeted me with "I'm ready for SCHOOL today, Mom!"

G-Bear, Miss R and our friend B
Our big girl putting on her shoes
The requisite Front Door picture

Ok, so prepare yourself, because the next picture almost makes me cry.  E-Bear was so crushed when I told him he got to stay home while I took G-Bear to school, he wouldn't even smile for a picture.  He couldn't bear it to have G-Bear leave without him.  Boy, does the kid love his sister.  Don't worry, he was all smiles and playing with bikes outside with Miss R when I returned with G-Bear from school.  I guess we are just going to have to find lots of fun stuff to do during school, E-Bear.

A harder day for some of us than others.
I could barely snap a picture of her arriving at school, she was running so fast!
Lots of friends to meet and enjoy!
G-Bear gave me a big hug and kiss as school started.  She had already tried on all the dress-up dresses and princess shoes and had moved on to the puzzles.  She had another BIG smile for me when I picked her up, as she handed me her Scholastic Book catalogue.  What a dream for a book-loving preschooler.  And she sang new songs she had learned all the way home.


SnoWhite said...

oh... what a big milestone!! happy first day of school G-Bear!!

Just ME said...

How darling... I love her outfit! The braids are adorable..

Patty said...

Happy first day of school! Poor little brother!

Anonymous said...

Oh Betsy, all those years when your Mom and I (and Dads) sent you and V off on the 1st day of school! What great memories! I'm sure Char & Max can relate to E-bear. His own day will come soon. Have fun with him, meanwhile.
Love, Bette